Reasons Why Windows 8 Tablet Will Beat Android

When you look at tablets in general, you may not notice that there is a competition going on. When you look at Apple, it is the biggest company, which destroyed the competition with its iPad. The next company that comes below Apple is Android. This company is second to apple because they have lows sales as well as apple has the best hardware and apps.

However, in this article we are going to take a look at windows 8 comparing it to Android. Before we continue, let’s consider some facts first. Microsoft is probably the most presence in technology. This means that anybody that uses technology know who Microsoft are. Furthermore, many PC’s in this world run on Microsoft operating system. Well, we could say that this is their advantage. All I can say, avoiding Microsoft is almost impossible because almost all of use it in our offices, homes and even in our cars.

Given this advantage, Microsoft has to capitalize on a few things, and do a few things right. Let’s see the difference between windows 8 and Android.
1. Applications

You have to admit that windows win in the category.An example, we all know and used Microsoft word. Microsoft Outlook dominates email, from home to corporate clients. If you do agree or not, Microsoft is not only leading in applications, but we can say it rules in that area too. Therefore, when they use these apps on their tablet, it will beat Android because the apps are more familiar to all people. Hence people will be more comfortable using it. However, when it comes to touch, it will seem a little new and wondrous.

Windows 8 is technically a new operating system; it has its roots spread all the way back to Windows 3.11; during the time, when floppies were the thing,and GUI was the future. Windows can take this idea to the tablet and make the tablets use the old applications rather than something new that will make someone take time to master. All in all, windows 8 looks very strong in app wise.

2. Fragmentation

Fragmentation is what is preventing you from getting the latest and great updates on your Android. Android proponents like to play it, and it may have not been an issue before, but we have to say that it has an ugly head.

However, with window 8, you will not have any issue in this area because what you will see on the screen is windows 8 and on your desk top. Windows win in this category.

3. Usability

As we had mentioned above, when you give the Android tablet to a new user, he may consider it as a whole new world that he has never been on. Like for example, when you look at sandwich Android tablet, it is a whole new world; a world fraught with frustration in many cases, a problem only exacerbated by the lack of tutorials and get-started help.

When it come in this area, as I had mentioned before, all of us are familiar with window. Therefore, even if a person who has never used a tablet buys it, he will be comfortable using it because at least there are many features in it that are familiar. Therefore, window also wins in this category.

4. Price 

If you could take some time to look at the prices of tablets, you will see why Android has low sales. Their iPads are overpriced in such away buying has become difficult and furthermore, when you buy an iPad, you will see that there are no upgrades to it.

However, when you have a tablet that has windows 8 operating system, you will see that window will upgrade your window into the latest version (when they upgrade window 8).

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