Selecting the best Colocation Facility

Communication and the data access are an integral part of doing business. The web sites, e-mail and messaging server and must be protected and Corporate Communications for their operation. The San Diego datacenter as critical infrastructure is the most necessary parts of enterprise network, including databases and servers have control over the air to stay in power, and connectivity needs of network infrastructure. The placement service has redundant systems, with sufficient capacity at each operating point of the Climate Control systems for network equipment. Processing capacity of more than one unit isn’t the same redundancy in San Diego colocation.

All of the systems must be N +1 configuration, for example, if two devices, both at less than 45% of the capacity to work, so if you do not, the other still on the load, there’re three units, and then you should at capacity amount of 66%. AC generators during a power outage, to not overload the generator have to run to run 1.5 times the total load of the building. Ideally, a placement service has a redundant a generator in case of failure of the generator, and the implant should have a procedure for the exchange of energy between the generators. Other generators are not the same view of redundant generators.

This creates more places where the power during a power outage, the network increases the probability of a drop must be transferred. As a practical consideration that the producer be in good condition, tested monthly, and using the full power, there are no industry standards in order to define a placement service, but to identify critical areas that can help: power, cooling, internet access and service. Collocation facilities offer high reliability through redundancy, maintenance and support, which means higher availability and duration of network equipment. Questions to be prepared to respond to research and find a center that meets the needs of your organization have a good investment power with backup devices customers.

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