Televition is part of human life

Televition is not out from the human life. Televition is home entertainment that’s very cheap for the people. People no need to go to the cinema for watch some movie, they just watch in their televition that’s broadcast the serila TV or drama and something the movie available in TV broadcasting. People usually waste the times for watching the televition for just watch some drama, telenovela, or some entertaintment that’s broadcast for the televition. Not only for the women that’s jobless, some of the people that’s has some activity outside from home also watch televtion. 

Sometimes they modification their PC to TV to support their want. They watch somes news that’s broadcast from the televition to support the actual news for help their job. The others, women always using the televition for shopping. That’s new way shopping by televition that’s just see and call the thing that’s sell in the televition. They don’t need go to the market or shop to do shopping. They just call, and the thing can be deliver by the shopping TV. Everything is possible to done. The others function of televition are make the watcher more intereting and know the developtment of the world. 

They know about the new news that’s broadcast by televition and they can enjoy watching drama televition that’s has story about human life. And sometimes, televition broadcast about human life in others sides of dramatic moment. That’s is function of televition that’s help entertaining the people in their home. People just watch televition and they can know about the lifestyle, and others news that’s happen in life. Almost all the house has televition. That’s a basic needed for the people life. Not a extraordinary again, televition is a part of human needed. Its not a luxury thing that’s people want. Televition is part of the people furniture that’s must available in their house.

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