Why Not Use Political Cartoons in Your Teaching? Here are 15 Places to Find Them

As the Republican candidates campaign for their party's nomination, the cartoonists have been having a field day with their political cartoons. You can use these as you discuss many topics in your classroom, from drugs to gas prices. 

American Political Prints- covers 1766-1876; some cartoons are colorized

Cartoon of the Day- from HarpWeek; search by theme: TOPICS, PEOPLE, PLACES; excellent!

Cartoonists of the Week - from TIME magazine

Historical Political Cartoons- there is a listing here from the Poway Unified School District; you should be warned that several of the words, descriptions, and images in these 19th-century caricatures are considered racially offensive by today’s standards.

Political Cartoons.com-current issues are covered here; large collection

Political Humor- from About.com; current candidates are featured

The Presidential Elections- political cartoons cover 1860-1912; from HarpWeek

Today's Political Cartoons- from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists; international, national and local

T.R. (Theodore Roosevelt)- nice collection all about T.R.

World War II Cartoons- teacher Mrs. Oz created this page with links that cover cartoons in print and film

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